Monday, October 22, 2007

I did it! I got through the weekend. I am a beat down dog, but I am still breathing. DJ'ed a great wedding on Friday night. They danced to everything up untill 11:30. Saturday I did a radio broadcast at the Boo Wow walk to benefit the local animal shelter. We helped raise 35 thousand dollars!!! Then Saturday night I DJ'ed a wedding till 11 pm. It was not as much fun, but they said they had a good time. Sure had some good food too. Then Sunday I introed a country concert and did a remote. I was so tired that I slept through the Indians game seven with the Sox. Guess I did not miss much. Dang it anyway...why cant we ever win it all?

Got the painting done at the station and now have money to have a tree removed from our side yard. It is dead and it's going to fall on our house if I don't have it taken down. Should be within days. Guess what....I have a wedding to DJ this saturday too. Wish me luck.

Love Uncle Dan

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hello all. Busy weekend coming up for the old man. Two weddings to DJ, one country show to MC and a radio broadcast at the Boo Wow walk. The Boo Wow walk is a pet trick or treating event that raises money for the Ash. Co. Animal Proctetive League. Last year it raised 24 thousand dollars. The weather will be nice, so we should really kick butt this year. Family is healthy and well and we are getting ready for winter. Time soon to put away the summer outdoor furniture and get my orange tractor ready to plow some snow! Oh crap....did I say the swear word snow? I guess I did. We also bought a treadmill and Robin and I have been exercising every day. I hope we can continue to burn those calories and get stronger.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

I guess I have been tagged by Jenn, so I guess I have to answer these questions.
jobs I have had
1. Janitor
2. Printing Press Operator
3. Preschool Teacher
4. Radio DJ

Movies I can watch over and over
1. LaBamba
2. Rocky I and II
3. Arthur
4. Apollo 13

4 places I have lived
1. Austinburg OH
2. Geneva On The Lake Oh
3. Geneva, OH
4. Inside my own mind

4 Guilty Pleasures
1. Chips
2. TV too much TV
3. Impulse spending
4. Buying accessories for anything I own

4 Places I have been on vacation
1. Las Vegas
2. Utah!!!
3. Lowes' Motor Speedway
4. Bristol Speedway

4 Favorite Foods
1. Chips
2. Pizza
3. Beef
4. Pasta with Pesto Sauce

4 websites I visit
3. My Bank
4. Stumble, which takes you from one cool site to the next

4 places I'd rather be right now
1. Seeing the country in a big ole RV
2. Utah, getting to know my brother's family better
3. An air conditioned bar with unlimited free appetizers
4. Inside a Nextel Cup car going 200 mph around Daytona

4 Things I would like to know how to do
1. Landscape
2. Oil paint
3. Make money
4. Find true happiness

4 things I worry about
1. Money
2. Money
3. Grandkids growing up successful
4. Money

4 Happy Moments
1. My wedding day
2. When I was offered a job at WKKY
3. Singing in a rock band
4. Anytime my grandaughters cuddle me

4 things I want to do this year or in the future
1. Cut down dead tree in driveway
2. Get a raise or new job
3. Get new carpeting
4. Track my family roots a few generations back

Thursday, August 30, 2007

It's fall and the grandkids are back in school! I love the first day of school. I love watching the girls get dressed up in their new clothes and I love to see the anticipation in their eyes. I sure love them. Haley made me a card yesterday that said "I love you because you are my favorite grandpa." Talk about warming your heart. Lots of work to do. I have my daily radio show, remote broadcasts all over the place, weddings to DJ this month and offices to paint at the radio station. I am getting toooo old to do this much work. Also this week I crept into our bedroom and found this small creature curled up in our bed watching our TV.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Wow! Where did the summer go? It's back to school time for the kids,time to dig out the sweatshirts and jackets and figure out how to find money for Christmas. Speaking of Christmas, just yesterday I saw a store with CHRISTMAS merchandise out on the shelves already! It's only AUGUST!!!! When I was a boy..(here comes one of those stories)..there was no Christmas stuff in the stores until after Thanksgiving. It was better that way. It was something to look forward to and it was exciting. Having it on the store shelves too early wears out the mood too early.
Gonna be a busy month. I have three weddings to DJ for, a stack of radio remotes to do and Allstate insurance to sell and maintain. Wish me luck.
Still no help on my chronic sinus condition. I sound a bit congested and have some drainage. Still two specialists have no idea what is causing it. I had an alergy test and it was all negative. I also have to go to a another specialist this week to check my ears concerning a recent hearing loss. I will keep ya posted.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

It was a rain-out! Dang it! Robin and I went to Michigan International Speedway for the race weekend and we only got one good day out of it. We saw the Busch Series race on Saturday and the weather was perfect. Sunday, different story, rain, rain and more rain. It never stopped from 8:30 Saturday night until late Monday. Usually they run a rain delayed race on Monday and we would have gone back to see it, but it was rained out as well. I have had some darn bad luck at going to races and running into rain or snow. Despite that, we met some nice folks, had some laughs and slept in a super-comfortable king sized bed. Looking forward to going to Richmond Virginia for a race next spring and back to Michigan next August.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hello All,

It's been a couple days since my brother's memorial at the VFW. I am still sad and on the verge of tears. I guess my brother meant more to me that I realized. The VFW was great, providing food, color guard, gun salute, folded flag and loads of support. The folks pictured are Jeff's best friend Mike Febel and his lovely wife. I think he would have been touched with the entire day. Between what was done for Jeff in Utah and what was done here for him. I cannot imagine anyone having a more moving or emotional send-off. Thanks for all the cards and letters, they helped to ease the pain.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Tuesday morning in a VERY humid Geneva Ohio. It's so humid here that any store downtown that has air conditioning, has their front windows covered with condensation so heavy that it drips down the window. It sucks! I am still busy planning Sunday's memorial service for my brother Jeff. I have purchased some red, white and blue tablecloths. We will also order today some cold cut trays or sandwich platters for afterward. If anybody out west is reading this, please get your family pictures in to me at my usual email address ASAP.
For breakfast this morning I am having an egg mixture including: poblamo peppers, onion, mushrooms, garlic, tomatoes, salt, pepper, hot pepper flakes, topped with chipotle salsa. MMM good!!
Had a good day at work yesterday, I had the opportunity to talk with Gretchen Wilson, of Redneck Woman fame. She was very nice and we talked for about 15 minutes. She has a big show coming up here on Thursday. Also, the winner of the Redneck Woman Contest was Cora. She has sooo many friends that voted for her. She deserves it, as she is the area's first redneck woman, working in a junkyard and racing stock cars around her for decades. She's cool.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Well, it's Friday night and I am watching the Indians play the Twins and we are winning! Doctor visit was just a preliminary visit and now I have to see an ear nose and throat Doctor to check my ears and then a hearing test will probably be after that. If things go as normal around here I will be months waiting to see the ear nose and throat Dr. Next I got a letter from Workman's Comp that my claim was denied, seems I must have filed it wrong or gave the wrong doctor or something. Crap! Just more stupid paperwork to deal with phone calls to make. It was humid here today, not nice and dry like in Utah. I worked outside at Mentor Mitsubishi, doing my Friday radio show and everyone there was so nice to me, offering their condolences. They know me pretty well there as I have been doing my Friday show from there for about two years now. I felt sad being back at Mentor Mitsubishi because that's where I was when I heard about the passing of my brother Jeff. It was uncomfortable. I am starting to get things together for Jeff's Memorial next Sunday at the VFW. I have a call into the color guard to see if they can do anything that day. Mostly it will be pictures of Jeff and friends coming by to share their memories. We plan on having some simple refreshments available as well. Also my brother Jim and I will give eulogies. I have so many things on my mind, so many things to get done and so many worries that I have to find a way to sort it all out. Perhaps a simple "to do" list might be best.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Another trip to a doctor is planned for Friday. I seem to have damaged my hearing to some degree during a radio broadcast from Thompson Raceway Park. I now have constant ringing and am having trouble hearing certain things. I will post as to the results. I also have an appointment with another specialist to help clear up a chronic sinus drainage problem. Fun getting old. I also have three radio remotes to take care of, Friday at Mentor Mitsubishi, Saturday from Northwest Savings Bank and Lake County Aquatics and Stone. Then Saturday night we are supposed to meet the folks from our Race N Roll bowling league for pizza, pop and a night at Painesville Speedway. That could be fun!!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Well it's just about time for me to sign off my radio show for a Tuesday and I have to say I am experiencing a deep saddness with the loss of my brother Jeff. Seems we were so busy getting out west to pay our respects that the loss of my brother had not sunken in. Now, given time to reflect and ponder his life, I realize that I will miss him terribly. To know that I will never see my brother again is a hard pill to swallow. I don't want to work, I don't feel happy and I don't want to talk to my listeners, I just want a job where I can be left alone. My brother had such a tough time growing up with Dad reaming his ass whenever he was in a crabby mood. Knowing that my brother Jeff joined the military and went to Viet Nam just to prove to himself that he was not the idiot that Dad always told him he was, is evidence on just how harsh Dad was on my brother. Not to make an excuse, but our Dad had a crappy childhood too, his Mom died when he was very young and his Dad left him and his brother and sister to live with grandparents that did not want them. From what I hear, for the most part they lived and slept on a stairway landing, never having a room of their own. I guess you would never learn how to parent growing up that way. At least now we are an enlightened society, and even though we may have not been brought up with all the love a kid needs, we can learn how to be a good parent, maybe breaking that chain of crappy upbringings. God bless my brother, I truly believe he did his best, he sure has some great kids and grand kids. I miss my brother.

Good Tuesday Morning. This morning I made a delicious omlette. It contained sauteed oninons, mushrooms, serrano peppers, two eggs, hot pepper flakes, salt, pepper and topped with hot salsa. Boy I will tell ya, you know you had breakfast, that's for sure! Busy day planned, gotta fix the closet door in the bedroom, pick up a card for Robin as her very close cousin died yesterday from cancer, start making plans for a local memorial service for my brother Jeff who passed away a week ago last Friday. The memorial service for Jeff will be held on Sunday, August 12 at the VFW in Geneva, from 2 to 5 p.m. Car needs washed, van needs an oil change, I have to contact my September brides and plan meetings with them and then, in my spare time, try to sell some insurance. The picture is of Robin at Michigan Speedway, once again looking for Junior!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Well, it's been a few years now huh? No longer a fiance, Robin is my wife of 5 years and the prettiest lady in town. We have two pets, Duke the beagle mix, which we got from the APL and Buddy the cat who we got as a kitten. Buddy is funny, he has a crooked leg and no front claws, but he still catches lots of mice and moles. Duke barks, digs and sleeps....typical beagle. But he is Daddy's good boy. My step-son, Mike, lives in Columbus and is doing award winning work at Max and Erma's bar and grill. My step-daughter Melissa is training as Manager of a cash advance and loan business. She has two girls, Haley and Taylor, who light up my life.
Robin and I have become huge Nascar Fans and have been to several races in North Carolina, Bristol Tennessee and Brooklyn Michigan. Seeing the races live is really quite amazing! As far as work goes, I am still at WKKY working the afternoon shift, I also DJ weddings and parties and I currently selling Allstate Insurance with my oldest brother Jim. So I keep busy. My wife Robin works in a Day Care in the mornings and is also employed by Weight Watchers as a receptionist.